Leading Repair Shop in Oakland for Fixing Transmission Leaks in Mercedes

Leading Repair Shop in Oakland for Fixing Transmission Leaks in Mercedes

Mercedes Transmission Leak

When issues arise on a vehicle as reliable as Mercedes, it can be disheartening and worrisome. Rest assured, however, that there are plenty of signs when things are beginning to go wrong with your vehicle, so swift action can be taken. It is important, though, that you be proactive as soon as you notice something is wrong, otherwise your vehicle may develop further issues.

On that note, the transmission system is extremely important to your vehicle and it could not function without it. Should you detect that your transmission system is leaking, take your car to a professional for servicing immediately, as this is a serious issue. Transmission systems are complex, but there should never be any leaking occurring. Fortunately, there are obvious signs you can spot when this occurs which will indicate to you that there is a problem.

The Importance of the Transmission System

The transmission system is crucial to the functions of your car, though not many people know what the system is or how it works. To realize why you should take your car in if you notice a leak, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of your Mercedes transmission.

Hydraulic power is used to shift gears every time you drive. As you apply pressure on the gas pedal, the engine transmits power to the pump to the torque converter. This power is then translated into the proper amount of transmission fluid. This fluid powers the torque converter. From there, the fluid is increased and creates a rotation that gets transmitted to the transmission shaft.

Transmission fluid is actually pressurized to a specific level by the oil pump, and this pressure determines the vehicle’s speed by allowing the adjustment of tire revolutions. Additionally, the gear pump is placed within this system and the transmission fluid is responsible for activating this pump when a gear change is necessary.

Engaging the whole system requires engaging the torque converter which is done in automatic cars as you press on the brake and shift gears. For perspective, the torque converter in a manual car is simply the clutch.

In essence, the transmission system is what gives a driver the ability to shift gears as they drive and not have to worry about what specific gear they need to be in at any given speed.

Signs of a Leaking Transmission

While there are a number of serious issues that can arise throughout the transmission system, a leaking transmission is often considered to not be as serious, but this is wrong. Take your vehicle in if you spot any of the below signs of a leaking transmission.

Transmission Fluid on the Ground

The largest and most obvious sign of a transmission leak is if a large puddle accumulates under your vehicle consistently. Transmission fluid is typically red and slippery, coupled with an oily smell. Fortunately, this color makes the fluid easy to spot and not be mistaken for harmless water droplets.

Rough Shifting

If you have a leaking transmission, you may start to notice that your car jolts or shifts roughly as you drive on the road. If the fluid is leaking, the optimal pressure cannot be maintained. It may be difficult for your Mercedes to shift properly. Combine this with seeing transmission fluid on the ground and it will be clear that your vehicle needs to be taken in for repairs.

Car Won’t Change Gears

Similar to a rough shift, if your Mercedes doesn’t seem to want to change gears, it may be a sign of a transmission leak. However, this symptom could also occur from any transmission problem, so it’s best to look under the hood for a leak yourself. A lack of changing gears could be indicative of the fact that there is too little transmission fluid left for the system to work properly.

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Additionally, our speciality of working on German cars means we will likely have replacement parts needed to get your Mercedes back on the road as quickly as possible. We hope you see our value and give us a call to schedule an appointment today. Alternatively, feel free to visit us yourself to see why we are the best in the business. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage.

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