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German imports are known for providing drivers with comfortable, reliable and luxurious vehicles. Maintaining those cars however can be time consuming and expensive if you go straight to the dealerships. Many drivers often seek less expensive services to try and help save money where they can but that usually means poorer quality and diminished performance for your vehicle. For drivers in and around Oakland, CA however the experts at Germany’s Best have been providing the best of both worlds for over 25 years.

Servicing the Area’s Best Brands

A well maintained German car is a status symbol as much as a mode of transportation and our mechanics understand quality of maintenance and repair work plays a large part in that. We’re proud to be the area’s go-to shop for German auto repair for the most popular brands including:

Our Amenities Include

  • ASE Certified Master Technicians
  • BOSCH Certified Service Center
  • Fully equipped shop featuring the latest tools and equipment
  • Factory grade materials for all services and repairs
  • Diagnostic tools for check engine light and other computer services
  • Bosch Service
  • ASE Certification

We guarantee your satisfaction with our German auto repairs and services no matter how big or small the job may be and won’t send you on your way until we’re positive that your car is in perfect condition.

Our Services

  • Alignment Service



  • Automotive Electrical Service

    Automotive Electrical


  • Auto Brake Repair Service

    Brake Repair


  • Auto Check Engine Light Service

    Check Engine Light


  • Classic European Car Restorations

    Classic European Restorations


  • European Auto Coding & Programming

    Coding & Programming


  • Auto Computer Updates

    Computer Updates


  • Auto Cooling System Service

    Cooling System


  • Auto Diagnostics



  • Auto Fluid Checks

    Fluid Checks


  • Auto IMS Bearing Repairs

    IMS Bearing Repairs


  • Auto Oil Change Service

    Oil Change


  • Auto Performance Upgrades

    Performance Upgrades


  • Auto Suspension Repair



  • Auto Wheel Alignment Service

    Wheel Alignment


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Your Independent Shop Destination

Conveniently located in Oakland, CA we are proud to service surrounding areas such as:

If you’re tired of settling for subpar services and overpriced dealerships then call the experts at Germany’s Best today. Our specialists are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule your German car’s next service appointment.

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