Replace Your Ignition Key in Your Mercedes in Oakland Without Breaking Your Bank

Replace Your Ignition Key in Your Mercedes in Oakland Without Breaking Your Bank

Mercedes Ignition Key

For many Mercedes owners, an ignition key problem is one of the most common frustrations they have to deal with. This is especially true if they have older models that still use an ignition key.

The ignition key in your Mercedes plays the important role of starting your car, but it’s not that simple. The ignition key starts a chain reaction in your engine that leads to combustion, and ultimately, movement of your car. Without the ignition key to start that process, you may be left stranded in a parking lot or your garage.

By turning the ignition key in your Mercedes, it allows the pins in the cylinders to drop. This allows fuel and air into the cylinder for compression and subsequent ignition to provide power to turn the wheels. This is the power that enables you to drive your car, so when the ignition key stops working, you’ll have more than an inconvenience on your hands. Below are some common causes of ignition key problems.

Worn Out Keys

This is the same wear that most car parts become prone to with continuous use. Worn out keys are not able to fit into the ignition well enough to trigger the pins in the cylinders to drop. As a result, there’ll be no combustion in the engine and your car won’t start.

Wear reduces the edges of the key over time due to the friction of constantly turning the key. When this happens, you may need a new key. A manufacturer-recommended dealership can provide you with a new key at a cost. Alternatively, you can come to our shop and we will identify your car’s vehicle identification number and provide you with an affordable new key, specific to your model.

Your key can also bend out of its regular shape causing it to become out of sync with the ignition. This can be fixed by gently hammering it back into position. While it may sound like a simple task, it is best left to the professionals, because you may end up completely damaging the key by hitting too hard. Our reliable Mercedes specialists are able to assist you.

Transmission Issues

There are two components in your Mercedes transmission that may cause ignition key issues. First is the steering wheel, which is locked from moving involuntarily by the ignition key. In some cases, the steering wheel can get stuck in one position, causing the key to also stick. A careful shake of the wheel from one side to another while trying to move the key might free the key, but if you find yourself in this scenario, it’s best to call our professionals for a quick inspection of the ignition module.

In automatic transmissions, the ignition module will only start when the car is in park. If your ignition gets stuck, you’ll need to seek a specialist to pin-point the issue and ensure you can change gears seamlessly.

Ignition Lock Problems

The ignition lock may also cause the ignition to stop working. For instance, the pins and springs that respond solely to your car keys could be jammed together, making them unable to connect with the unique key. As a result, the key won’t work on the ignition. Additionally, there could also be foreign objects in the key cylinder, like dirt and debris, preventing it from turning properly.

Wrong Key

This may sound unlikely, but it is very possible to try to start your car using the wrong key. This happens if you have several car keys, especially for ones who have similar-looking keys. To avoid this mistake, always ensure that you are using the correct key for the car you’re trying to drive.

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While there are many videos Mercedes Ignition Key Repair out on the internet that claim they can help you fix your ignition key issues, you should always try to get the opinion of a Mercedes specialist. Even when the task doesn’t seem labor intensive, insist on getting a specialist to get it right the first time.

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