The Significance an Audi’s Erratic Lights: Expert Advice from Mechanics in Oakland

The Significance an Audi’s Erratic Lights: Expert Advice from Mechanics in Oakland

Audi Erratic Light

An Audi car is a true treat to drive. It has some of the best engineering in the business with endurance and performance to match. Even though this is a top brand on the market, there are still a few issues that car owners need to understand. One of the common issues that occur in an Audi are the erratic lights.

You may notice that something is wrong with the lights when they see them flicker while accelerating or when the taillights seem to be stuck on. These are a big warning that the electrical system is running into a problem and you need to visit one of our licensed mechanics as soon as possible. Some of the most common reasons why the lights on your Audi are not working properly include those listed below:

Issues with the Alternator

The alternator is one of the most important pieces to keep the engine running. The alternator and the battery work together to generate enough power to keep the Audi’s electrical components working. If something is wrong with the alternator, the electrical components will not get the power that they need.

Flashing Interior Lights

If the interior lights on the Audi start to flash, this is often a sign of the battery not working or the wiring is off. Sometimes the screen displays or the dashboard of the car will malfunction or wear out. It is hard to diagnose wiring issues and you should visit one of our certified mechanics to take a look at it.

Flashing Headlights

This is a common issue that tends to appear for Audis. When the bulbs of the headlights start to flicker, this is a big sign there is a bad connection between that bulb and the battery. It is common to believe that something is wrong with the bulb, though this is often not the case. The good thing is that fixing this issue is not expensive and is easy for a professional mechanic to get done.

Bad Tail Lights

Compared to some of the other issues, a faulty tail light is not as common, though there are times when it will occur. The tail lights will flicker or get stuck so that they remain lit at all times. The main reason for this is that there is a fault with the brake switch. Our mechanics are here to take a look at this light and see what the problem is all about.

Faulty Low-Beams

Another problem that may occur with the lights in your Audi is that the low-beams will become faulty. There are a few things that could cause this problem and you may need the help of a mechanic to figure out which one is the culprit. For example, it could be an issue of bad wiring, a faulty fuse or a bad bulb that makes the issue. Our team is here to take a look at the problem and help you get it fixed.

How to Fix Erratic Lights

When you notice that the lights in your Audi are not working the way that you would like, it is important to find Audi Alternator Repair the right professional to make it work better. Routine maintenance allows the mechanic to find the potential problem with the lights ahead of time, saving you a ton of headache later on.

However, if the lights become erratic later on, a qualified mechanic can help find the problem and get it fixed for you in no time. Do not deal with the erratic lights for long or they can lead to danger on the road. Trust a qualified mechanic to help you get the lights taken care of so you can be safe and confident in your Audi.

At Germany’s Best Inc., our professional mechanics are here to help you fix any erratic light problems that appear in your Audi. We understand that these problems will often cause other major issues in your vehicle and need to be fixed right away. We proudly serve the residents of Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, and Oakland, CA with all of their Audi repair needs. Call us today to set up your appointment. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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