Tips to Detect Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes

Tips to Detect Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes

Mercedes Gear Selector Issue

Mercedes is an exciting and safe vehicle to drive, and the best way to keep it this way is by maintaining the proper service schedule. Potential issues are caught early and even prevented and avoided with routine maintenance.

Even with your scheduled diligence of car care, issues may arise regarding the gear selector. The gear selector is the part that allows you to move fluidly from higher to lower gears and vice versa. The gear selector will also help you change from park to reverse to drive. Below, you will find out how to detect if there is a gear selector issue in your Mercedes.

Transmission Fluid Leak

The gear selector in your Mercedes is only going to work as smoothly as the amount of transmission fluid that is available for use. The transmission fluid runs through a number of parts under the hood and throughout your Mercedes. One key piece of equipment that it aids in the function of is the gear selector.

With the fluid running through the gear selector, shifting will be easy and seamless. The transmission fluid is subject to leaking if the transmission has been exposed to high heat or even from debris on the road. It could be punctured or have a section melt away, causing the fluid to leak out.

If there is a leak in some part of the transmission, then this is going to negatively affect the gear selector because there is no longer fluid running through the system. Each component of the gear selector will begin to wear down at a greater speed due to the fact that there is no lubrication helping in the transition process.

Rough Gear Changes

When you buy a brand new Mercedes or even a gently-used model, you don’t expect to experience any issues right off the bat. You expect your Mercedes to drive smoothly. The gear selector is one of the parts that allow this to occur. When it is functioning properly, you will be able to slip in and out of the different gears with ease.

However, when you begin to notice that it is taking longer than usual to change into the next gear, or as the gear is changing there are some grinding noises or jarring movements, then the gear selector is having issues.

Another indicator that the gear selector is having issues is if your Mercedes takes a longer time to move into the next gear. This means that if you are changing gears to go into a higher one, you may experience a delay in acceleration due to the fact that the gear selector is having a hard time changing.

“Limp Mode” is Engaged

In order to protect itself from further damage, the transmission of your Mercedes may go into “limp mode.” Limp mode occurs after the transmission has had issues for a period of time. This involves remaining in the second or third gear. These two gears are the safest gears and are less likely to cause any more issues throughout your Mercedes. So in regards to the gear selector, if you are experiencing a number of issues at a time, limp mode will activate.

A problem that will cause the limp mode to engage is involves slipping gears. This means that your Mercedes is not remaining in the gears that you are selecting.

Another issue that could engage limp mode is if the fluid pump is faulty. The transmission fluid needs to be pumped through the gear selector system in order for the gears to easily change. As previously mentioned, without fluid the gears will have a harder time changing. In order to prevent further wear and tear from constant rough changing, it will try to protect itself and allow you time to get to the mechanic by automatically going into limp mode.

Repairing Gear Selector Issues

Once you have detected any of Mercedes Transmission Fluid Check the above problems, it is time to bring your Mercedes into a trusted technician who will be able to properly diagnose the gear selector issue. At Germany’s Best Inc, we strive to bring you the best auto repair for your Mercedes. All of our technicians are expertly trained and certified in all German vehicles, which includes Mercedes. We use the latest equipment and technology in order to pinpoint the gear selector issue and fix it as efficiently as possible. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, and Oakland, CA, so make an appointment with us today.

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