Tips to Maintain The Muffler Bracket in Your VW

Tips to Maintain The Muffler Bracket in Your VW

Volkswagen Muffler Bracket

Through regular maintenance and inspection, you are able to maintain your vehicle’s performance and can increase its life. There are some cars that are known more for their reliability than others. Volkswagen is a brand that is recognized for their innovative technology and unique design systems. Over the years, Volkswagen has become an internationally known brand and the Beetle is an iconic car. As the company has grown, the company is still able to produce cars that are reliable and practical vehicles for many people, while not sacrificing quality and design integrity.

Yet even with a company like Volkswagen, it is important to know what elements of your vehicle are susceptible to failure and what areas need a little more attention than others. It is important to make sure that you are maintaining the muffler bracket on your Volkswagen as it is a component that is pretty important to the overall function of your car. If you are able to stay up to date on all of the required services on your vehicle, your preferred Volkswagen mechanic will be able to identify any parts that look like they may fail soon.

What Does the Muffler Bracket on My Car Actually Do?

When you think of a vehicle and the components on it that require maintenance, the muffler bracket will likely not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the muffler bracket actually is a significant part on your car that helps to prevent other systems from being damaged. Also referred to as the exhaust hanger, the muffler bracket is the mechanism used to hold the muffler and other piping components held to the bottom of your car. If not secured properly, they could drag on the ground, which would not be very good for your car. The systems that run underneath your vehicle are made to withstand some damage, but they are not made to drag on the road, this is where the bracket becomes an important element in the proper function of your car.

Different cars are made at different heights, so while an SUV still requires a muffler bracket, if it comes slightly loose, you won’t notice the effects as significantly as you would on a car that is lower to the ground. In either case, if you notice that there are some issues with your muffler bracket, it is highly recommended that you take your car in to a trusted mechanic for inspection and repairs.

What are the Symptoms of a Broken or Failing Muffler Bracket?

A broken muffler bracket could result in costly repairs to your vehicle, so it is recommended that you take any symptoms of a failing bracket seriously. In addition to the repairs it is actually a hazard to be driving with components of your vehicle’s undercarriage dragging on the road. One extremely clear symptom of a failing exhaust hanger is if you notice any dragging sounds when you are driving. Another common symptom is if you hear a clanking sound when you drive over speed bumps. The clanking could mean that the bracket is loosening and the muffler is moving around when the car is jostled.

What do I do if I Notice These Symptoms?

The best thing a car owner can do if they notice any problems with their car is to take their vehicle in for inspection. Having a mechanic you trust that is also familiar with working on your vehicle’s make. If you start to hear any clanking or dragging sounds, you can look under your car and see if there are any obvious issues, if you notice that the parts underneath your vehicle are sagging, then it is a good idea to take your car in for a replacement bracket. The sooner the better since it could mean an expensive repair.

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