Tips to Repair Your Porsche’s Ignition Lock Failure

Tips to Repair Your Porsche’s Ignition Lock Failure

Porsche Ignition Lock Failure

One of the most common mechanical issues that Porsche vehicles experience is the failure of the ignition lock assembly. The ignition lock assembly is made up of several parts, any of which can wear out prematurely and result in an annoying and potentially dangerous issue. Owners of classic Porsche models need to be even more vigilant when it comes to this issue since problems can arise more often. Let’s take a look at ignition lock failures in Porsches and discuss what to do if you recognize the signs and symptoms below.

What is the ignition lock assembly and what is its purpose?

The ignition lock assembly is what you insert your key into when you start your car. When this part starts to deteriorate, you will probably notice it is more difficult to get your Porsche started. While modern cars offer alternative ignition methods, the majority of Porsches on the roads still use the traditional key method.

Within the ignition lock assembly there is the ignition cylinder. This has several notches that you can utilize to achieve different functions, such as powering the accessories or starting up the car. One, two, or all of these options could be affected by the failure of the ignition lock assembly.

Common Symptoms of Ignition Lock Failure

When the ignition lock assembly of your Porsche begins to break down, you are going to start to notice some early warning signs and symptoms that should always signal a red flag. Certainly, do not ignore these signs. Also, sticking to regularly-scheduled maintenance can help ensure that sudden failures remain unlikely. When it comes to an ignition lock failure that is simply caused by wear and tear, there is little a driver can do other than respond to it efficiently by taking your Porsche to a trusted mechanic for repair.

1. Trouble Inserting or Removing your Key

If the ignition lock has deteriorated or even become corroded, then you might find inserting and removing your key tricky. If there is no damage to your key, then you will need to have your ignition lock assembly assessed by a professional.

2. Trouble Starting

If your vehicle does not want to power up or start, then your ignition lock is likely on the fritz. You should seek a professional mechanic swiftly to avoid being caught out by sudden total failure and stranded somewhere potentially dangerous.

3. Engaging Power is A Struggle

You will likely find that engaging the different functions or notches of the ignition cylinder will be a challenge, alongside actually starting your car. You may find that turning your key in the lock will engage the accessory systems but not the engine or vice versa. Drivers may find that some stages work fine, while others are intermittent or refuse to work at all.

The Causes of Ignition Lock Failure

Ignition lock failure typically occurs because of general wear and tear, which is why as we mentioned vintage Porsche models are usually more susceptible to this issue. Factors such as rough handling of your key, turning your key sharply in the lock, poor care for your key, and even heavy keychains can also play a part in bringing on the early onset of these problems.

Germany’s Best Inc. Will Help

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