If You Own A Smart Car, Watch Out for These Problems

If You Own A Smart Car, Watch Out for These Problems

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The brand Smart offered cars to the United States which are a great choice for many people, especially those who live in large cities with a lot of traffic and cramped spaces. Their small size makes them easy to maneuver and fit into places that would give a larger vehicle trouble. Despite these advantages, there are several problems with Smart cars that potential buyers and current owners need to know.


Smart cars are touted as having fantastic gas mileage, but it seems hit or miss whether or not this car reaches the gas mileage of its claim. Some people have claimed their Smart car gives them as high as 70 or 80 miles per gallon on the highway, while others say it’s closer to 40, 30, or even less.

The gas mileage of your car can be affected by many factors, including how often you use it, how long your drives typically last, and how often you stop and start during a drive. Since Smart cars are tiny, they’re generally used for commutes into cities with a lot of traffic, meaning that all of these factors will be in play, lowering your gas mileage.

Another problem with a Smart car’s performance is the suspension and the engine. Smart cars tend to ride roughly, bouncing on the road a lot, and their engine might be loud.

Mechanical and Electrical Issues

Some common issues that Smart car owners run into are problems with the headlights, the steering, the engine, the transmission, and the brakes. These are all vitally important parts of a car, and so if you notice any issues with them you should get them fixed by a professional mechanic right away. Before you do, though, it can be helpful to know some of the signs for each of the various issues.

  • Headlights: When headlights stop working, it can be for several reasons other than that the headlight simply burnt out. It could be because of a low-powered battery, a blown fuse, or a faulty wire, all of which will most likely need to be replaced to get the headlights and the car back into working order.
  • Steering: In 2015 and 2017, several models of ForTwo Smart cars were recalled due to faulty parts in the steering mechanism. The inability to steer your car can lead to crashes, which, especially in a vehicle as small as a Smart car, can be incredibly dangerous.
  • Engine: Different Smart models provide vastly different experiences when it comes to engine problems. Some of them seem to be able to go forever without any issues, while others begin to break down after what seems like relatively little use. In general, though, look out for burnt exhaust valves, bad piston rings, and a damaged turbo manifold.
  • Transmission: Some problems you’ll notice if you have a transmission issue are gears slipping and other problems with shifting gears. Smart cars have an automatic transmission, which means that you don’t have to change the gears yourself. If you hear a lot of grinding as your car attempts to switch back and forth between gears or you notice that your car will suddenly switch to a lower or much higher gear even though you have not changed the pressure on the gas pedal, that points to a transmission problem.
  • Brakes: Because brakes are used multiple times every time you drive, they’re one of the parts of a car that have to be replaced the most frequently. They also happen to be one of the most important, so keep an eye on them. If you hear squeaking or grinding when you brake, that’s a sign that your brake pads are worn too low and need to be replaced. If you ignore it, you may eventually find that your brakes fail, which can cause accidents.

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Unfortunately, because Smart cars Smart Car Brake Service have such unique requirements, getting the right parts to fix them can be expensive, so your repair costs when you go to the shop could be quite high. However, taking your Smart model to an independent, but experienced repair shop could save you hundreds of dollars compared to taking it to a dealership for repair.

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