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Drivers are having a harder time finding fuel-efficient vehicles that don’t sacrifice comforts or performance. As technology advances it’s difficult picking and choosing the features that you want and for many drivers that’s where Smart Car represents the best of both worlds. Known for their extremely compact designs the car’s interior features a surprising amount of space for driver and passenger. While a Smart Car may not win any awards for 0-60mph speeds they still feature the same high- end, reliable European manufacturing under the hood that you can safely rely on for thousands of miles. Taking care of your Smart Car still requires diligent services and the help of experienced technicians and for drivers all throughout the Oakland, CA area that means calling Germany’s Best.

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At Germany’s Best our German auto specialists provide dealership quality services at a fraction of the cost for all the area’s most popular brands including all models (electric and gas) of Smart Car. We provide all of the major services your car needs including:

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For over 25 years the experts at Germany’s Best have been helping drivers in Oakland and the surrounding areas including:

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