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Redefining what a luxury car can be, MINI packs more performance and comforts into their signature compact models than most cars can in full sized sedans and SUVs. Drivers know that any time behind the wheel in a MINI is going to lead to a memorable experience with their tight handling, maneuverability and responsive steering and brakes making it easy for you to feel every bump and turn in the road. With such a compact car however it’s easier to notice when something is wrong with your MINI. Helping owners get the most out of their vehicle and stay on top of all of the necessary maintenance and service work, the experts at Germany’s Best are Oakland’s go-to independent service shop and have been for years.

Performance Minded Services and Quality Results

Our MINI specialists understand that the big draw of any MINI is the high-end performance capabilities and that is what we focus on with all of our services and repairs. While other makes and models may have slight issues that go unnoticed, MINIs show signs of wear and tear almost immediately and that’s where our mechanics excel with services


Our custom service plans are designed for you to get your car the service it needs without the expensive and unnecessary add-ons the dealerships will try to stick you with. Our specialists work closely with you to find the best solution for both your car and your budget each visit.

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For years Germany’s Best has helped drivers take better care of their MINI in areas including:

You expect your MINI to provide you with fun, superior performance and at Germany’s Best you can count on our technicians to help keep it that way.

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