Best Repair Shop in Oakland to Fix Your Audi’s Tail Lights

Best Repair Shop in Oakland to Fix Your Audi’s Tail Lights

Audi A7 Tail Light

Audis are sleek, stylish cars that are reliable and provide a comfortable ride, but one issue that we often come across when working on Audis is failed tail lights. When your tail lights quit working, it can be dangerous as well as frustrating, as other drivers may not see you.

Why do cars utilize tail lights?

Tail lights provide safety, as they are illuminated at night time to define the car’s body, and they also house the brake lights. Tail lights allow people that are behind you to know that you are there. They also allow other drivers to know the size of your vehicle. When driving on a nice sunny day, you may not think that much about tail lights, but at night, they become important for safety for everyone on the road.

During inclement weather and at night, tail lights are more noticeable. So, once a tail light fails you are putting yourself in danger. Other drivers will have a harder time seeing your vehicle. Even with their headlights on, they may not even notice that you are in front of them, resulting in a collision.

Signs of Failing Tail Lights

Tail lights don’t always quit working at once. They may begin to malfunction. When this happens, they often flicker or only work intermittently. Since they are on the back of the car, signs of failure may be hard to notice. Hopefully, someone will let you know, or your car may have a warning light on your dashboard.

Reasons for Failed Tail Lights in Your Audi

Blown Bulbs

The most common reason that your tail lights will quit working is due to blown bulbs. When replacing your old bulbs, consider using LED bulbs. They will use less energy and will last longer than traditional bulbs.

Bad Fuse

If both tail lights quit at the same time, you might have a blown fuse. Your mechanic will be able to use a fuse tester to see if this is the cause of your problem.

Faulty Socket

Corrosion caused by moisture can damage the bulb socket. If this happens, your bulb will not be able to get a good connection. If it cannot seat properly, it will not be able to get the electricity it needs to work.

Bad Wiring

Wiring can also wear out and get damaged. The issue can occur anywhere along the wire. To find the damage, you will need the wiring diagram of your Audi. The whole length of the wire will need to be inspected.

Bad Battery

When your battery begins to fail, it may not have enough juice to light your taillights. A bad battery needs replaced immediately. A dead battery will leave you stranded.

Cracked Tail Light Cover

A cracked cover will allow water to enter. Bulbs and sockets can experience water damage and fail to work.

Bad Light Switch

The light switch usually controls the headlights, tail lights, and parking lights. This switch can fail over time. The switch is in the dashboard and will need to be replaced by a professional.

Ambient Light Sensor

Many new cars are equipped with ambient light sensors. This is a safety feature. It measures the amount of light outside and will turn the lights on when needed.

Dealing with Failed Tail Lights in your Audi

The most common issue of a failed tail light is a bad bulb. This is an easy fix, but diagnosing other issues needs to be done by a mechanic that knows your Audi inside and out. Trying to diagnose the problem yourself can be frustrating. One day your lights might be working fine, and the next they may be flickering or won’t come on.

At Germany’s Best, we have over 25 years of experience. Our ASE master certified mechanics can find your tail light problem and get it fixed for you quickly. Don’t take your Audi to a dealership. We provide dealership quality service quicker and less expensive than dealerships.

Germany’s Best Inc., for all your Audi Needs

Whether you have a bulb that needs changed, Audi Tail Light Bulb Check intermittent lights, or no lights at all, we can help. Driving without tail lights is dangerous and should never be done at night. Call us at 510-658-8948 or visit our shop at 5291 College Ave. Germany’s Best Inc. is located in Oakland, CA and is conveniently located near Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont and Oakland, CA.

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