Cause of Mercedes Engine Knocking and Possible Remedies in Oakland

Cause of Mercedes Engine Knocking and Possible Remedies in Oakland

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Mercedes models are made to be reliable, and a good car has all parts functioning properly and synchronously, but sometimes your Mercedes may develop problems with the engine, most especially engine knocking. This is an indication that your car needs to be taken to an auto shop for repairs, as the knocking can cause total damage to the engine.

How does engine knocking originate?

Identifying the presence of a knocking engine is not so hard as the knocking sound can easily be heard, which usually increases in volume. When you want to know what the cause is and eliminate it, you have to check or pay attention to some details. Here are several possible causes of engine knocking in your Mercedes Benz:

  • Low Engine Oil: Sometimes, your Mercedes can suck up more engine oil than usual. In this case, the oil level can go very low, or the oil can even be totally drained, causing engine wear. So it is ideal to always check your engine oil level and top it off regularly. If your oil becomes old, it can also lead to engine knocking. So apart from topping off regularly, a periodic oil change is also advisable.
  • Problems with the Fuel Pump: A faulty fuel pump can cause insufficient or no fuel supply to the engine, thereby increasing the ratio of air to fuel, and this can easily cause the engine to knock. This should only be fixed by a professional.
  • Piston Damage: The piston helps in compressing the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber. Issues with the piston can lead to improper compression and thereby result in a knocked engine. A professional mechanic should be consulted to handle this problem.
  • Gasket Damage: The engine gasket helps in preventing leaks in your Mercedes engine. A case of damage to the gasket can lead to a knocked engine. Improper fixing opens you to a very big risk. Therefore your best bet will be to get a hold of your mechanic for repairs.
  • Bearing Problem: Worn out bearing in your Mercedes model will not be able to properly support the weight of the engine, causing it to knock. For worn-out bearings, your car should be looked at by a professional.
  • Aging Spark Plugs: Old spark plugs or spark plugs that are covered in oil or dirt can easily lead to a knocking engine. An easy change of the spark plug can fix this problem, or a better option will be to allow a professional to assess the issue.

Clicking, Squealing, and Grinding Noises

There are many sounds your car engine might make that spell a problem. Let’s have a look at different engine noises your Mercedes can make:

  • Squealing: Your Mercedes could make squealing noises as a result of damage to the serpentine belt, issues with steering, or brake issues.
  • Clicking: Clicking noises in a car are mostly as a result of low oil. Fortunately, topping off the oil will solve this issue.
  • Grinding: Grinding noises aren’t a good sign, either. It could be a worn clutch, worn bearing, suspension problems, or totally worn brakes.
  • Explosive noise: This comes as a bang and usually spells disaster. It is mostly as a result of a disproportional fuel/air mixture in the engine where fuel combusts in the exhaust

Of these ominous sounds listed above, knocking can be quite annoying and can lead to serious engine problems. So it is best we pay close attention to the causes of knocking.

Germany’s Best, Inc. Can Help With Your Mercedes Engine Knocking Problems

A knocking sound from your Mercedes Engine Oil Level CheckMercedes should not be ignored. Whenever this happens make sure to bring your car to our auto shop for a thorough checkup. At Germany’s Best Inc, we have been providing affordable and reliable quality automobile services for over 25years.

If you are around Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, or Oakland, we are here to serve you with a modern, fully equipped shop and ASE-certified master technicians, and we are also a Bosch-certified center. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for your German cars, which will guarantee your satisfaction and leave you smiling. Contact us now on 510-658-8948 to book an appointment.

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