Causes of the Airbag Malfunction Light Illuminate in Your Volkswagen

Causes of the Airbag Malfunction Light Illuminate in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Airbag Malfunction Light

Volkswagen vehicles are designed to be reliable, safe, and comfortable. It is an added bonus that the exteriors are becoming sleeker than they were before. There are certain features that every vehicle needs to have in place for it to be safe and for the passengers to feel protected. The main feature is airbags.

Airbags are situated throughout the vehicle. They are in the steering wheel for the drivers, in the dashboard for the front passenger, and in the doors for every passenger.

The airbags were designed to deploy when a minor or major accident occurs, depending on the force of impact. The airbag sensors must be functioning properly to deploy.

If there is an issue, you are notified through the dashboard with the airbag malfunction light. Keep reading to find out reasons why the airbag malfunction light illuminates in your Volkswagen and where to go to have this issue addressed.

Airbag Deactivated

The number one reason for the airbag malfunction light to be illuminated in your Volkswagen is that the airbag has been deactivated. There are several reasons why the airbag could have been deactivated and the first is that you were in a minor fender bender but the airbags did not deploy.

In some makes and models of Volkswagen, even the slightest touch from an accident can trigger the crash sensor. Whether the airbag deploys depends on the strength of the impact. However, in some models, even small touches will activate the crash sensor.

Once this sensor has been triggered, it requires a certified mechanic to reactivate it. Until that happens, you are driving without reset airbags. This can be dangerous to you and your passengers because the airbags would not deploy if a more serious accident were to occur.

Another reason why the airbag could be deactivated is if it is faulty. The main way to know if the airbag is faulty is by testing the sensor on the passenger seat. If you or someone else sits down on the seat and the airbag light remains on, then you know that the airbag on the passenger side is faulty. The weight present in the passenger seat is what activates the airbag, but if you see no such response from the airbag light, then you know there is an issue with the airbag and the airbag malfunction light will illuminate.

Water Damage

The next reason behind the airbag malfunction light may illuminate in your Volkswagen is water damage. There are airbag modules located underneath the driver’s and passenger’s side. So if your Volkswagen receives internal water damage, there is a high possibility that the airbag modules are damaged.

With water damage, the modules are susceptible to corrosion. This corrosion disrupts the sensor’s ability to communicate with the airbag, leading to the airbag malfunction light, since the sensors or airbags are damaged.

Depleted Airbag Battery Backup

The airbags themselves are powered by a backup battery, which is separate from the main battery. If the main battery of your Volkswagen dies, then so will the airbag battery backup. This will cause the airbag malfunction light to illuminate once you can turn your Volkswagen back on.

The backup battery needs to be recharged and the connecting airbag sensors reset. Until these things occur, you will see the airbag malfunction light.

Addressing the Airbag Malfunction Light in your Volkswagen

The moment that you notice the airbag malfunction light illuminated, you should bring your Volkswagen into your trusted mechanic as Volkswagen Airbag Issue Fix soon as you can. Driving with this light on for extended periods can be dangerous to you and your passengers because you don’t know if you’ll get into an accident that requires airbags.

To keep yourself and others safe, you should bring your Volkswagen into us at Germany’s Best Inc. We are easily accessible from the areas of Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, and Oakland, CA. The latest diagnostic tools are used to determine the exact cause of the illumination of the airbag malfunction signal. High-quality parts are used to repair or replace this component.

You will leave our shop with peace of mind, knowing that if something were to happen, the airbags will safely deploy in your Volkswagen. Call us today for an appointment.

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