Easy-to-Spot Signs of Malfunctioning Spark Plugs in Your Car

Easy-to-Spot Signs of Malfunctioning Spark Plugs in Your Car

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Spark plugs are an essential part of what makes a vehicle work. Spark plugs are responsible for the ignition that powers the engine. It’s almost surprising that such a small piece of the vehicle can drastically affect the car’s performance. They can have a significant effect on the performance of the engine and the stability of your car.

There are a few symptoms that hint at issues with a vehicle’s spark plugs. The tricky thing about spark plugs is that as they are often related to engine issues, it can sometimes be mistaken for other engine problems. We’ll look at spark plug related symptoms and the other warning signs that there may be issues with the spark plugs.

Lack of Acceleration

A lack of acceleration is a common issue with the spark plugs. Fortunately, if one is familiar with their vehicle, they can pick up on acceleration issues. Sluggish and slow to build up power, especially in older cars, point at some potential problems.

Often, this can also be seen alongside the other symptoms on this list, which will help determine if the spark plugs are the cause of the issue. One should also seek out professional help, as a lack of acceleration can also result from other problems with the vehicle that can quickly become more expensive.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Reduced gas mileage is also another symptom. It can be tough to tell with this particular symptom. Unless the car has a remaining mileage indicator, it can be a little less noticeable. One would have to notice how much gas they regularly consume and compare it to how well it’s doing now.

Knowing your vehicle’s gas mileage helps determine if your gas mileage is having issues. Drivers can look at the numbers and determine how much gas is used per trip and if that matches with general miles-per-gallon you’re expecting.

It would also be a good idea to ensure no leaks are coming from the car and ensure that the loss is not related to any other issues.

Unusual Noise while Idling

You likely know how your vehicle sounds while idling. There’s a certain rhythm to it that goes unnoticed, until that it is, that something disrupts the rhythm. When the vehicle’s spark plugs have gone bad, the idling begins to become very rough, and it can become powerful enough to feel a vibration in the car. It’s one of the lesser noticeable symptoms on the list, as it’s something that can go relatively under the radar unless you know to look for it.

If the sound is recurring, it would be a good idea to see a mechanic and determine the issue, especially since spark plugs have already been replaced.

Misfiring Engine

A misfiring engine can also be the result of a bad spark plug. Misfiring can be described as the engine sputtering or as if the engine is struggling. Lack of acceleration and reduced gas mileage are both results of an engine misfire. Because there are many symptoms and issues associated with a misfiring engine, a professional should be seen as soon as possible.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

A vehicle struggling with lousy spark plugs will possibly have problems starting. Because the spark plugs help in igniting the engine, there’s a possibility that the spark plugs are failing.

It should be noted, however, that there can be multiple causes for vehicles struggling to start. It’s a task best suited for a professional, as the reasons can often get worse, potentially causing more damage to the car and a higher cost to make repairs.

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