How Failure of the Cooling System Causes a Volkswagen to Overheat

How Failure of the Cooling System Causes a Volkswagen to Overheat

Volkswagen High Engine Temperature

Volkswagens are dependable vehicles that are known for their reliability, affordability, and German engineering. They are comfortable and highly recognizable for their style. But when there is a cooling system failure, they can overheat and break down.

When the cooling system fails, your engine can overheat, which is a big problem for you. Do not continue driving your car, as overheating can lead to complete engine failure. Call a professional to tow your VW to their shop where they can do a diagnostic test to determine the problem.

Main Causes of VW Cooling System Failures

Common problems with the cooling system that can lead to overheating are listed below:

  • Failure of the Water Pump: The job of the water pump is to pump coolant through the cooling system. If the pump fails, the coolant will not circulate leading to immediate overheating.
  • A Coolant Leak: The main reason Volkswagens experience overheating is a coolant leak. The engine requires a certain amount of coolant. When coolant leaks out, there will not be enough to cool the engine properly.
  • A Bad Thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for regulating the amount of coolant that is circulated through the engine. When the thermostat fails, it will not send enough coolant to the engine. This will lead to overheating.
  • A Blocked Hose: Over time, dirt and debris can clog the coolant hose. A clogged hose will not allow enough coolant to pass through.
  • Failed Radiator Fan: When the radiator fan fails, the heat will get trapped inside. The fan must be working properly to remove the hot air.
  • Low Motor Oil: Motor oil is necessary for lubricating moving parts and removing excess heat. If there is not enough oil, your car can overheat, and the components can be damaged due to friction.

How You Can Help Prevent Overheating

There are some things you can do to help ensure your cooling system is working in your VW to prevent overheating of your engine:

  • Change the Battery: When a battery gets old, it will not be able to provide the power your Volkswagen This will make your engine work harder, leading to overheating.
  • Drive Sensibly: Do not ride your brakes. When you do, you are generating more heat.
  • Park in a Shaded Spot: Overheating is more common in the summer months. This is because the sun’s rays are always hitting your car. If you can park your car in a shaded area or garage, this will help keep the temperature down.
  • Service the Radiator: Over time, the coolant in the radiator will get dirty. Having the radiator flushed regularly will help prevent overheating.

Preventing Cooling System Failure

The most common reason for overheating is low coolant. The best thing you can do to prevent overheating is to have your Volkswagen serviced regularly. During your scheduled maintenance, your mechanic will check your coolant level and look for any leaks. You also need to have the coolant flushed per the recommended guideline.

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