How to Deal With Front Radiator Support Damage in MINI

How to Deal With Front Radiator Support Damage in MINI

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The sporty MINI is America’s favorite customizable European vehicle. Ever since its re-release into the States, its popularity has been well-known. As a reliable car, the MINI does have its issues from time to time, as any other vehicle. With the correct and regular maintenance, your MINI will last for years.

One problem that can be avoided in your MINI is radiator damage due to a broken front radiator support. Here we will discuss common issues with front radiator support brackets on your MINI and how to prevent it from causing damage.

Like other vehicles, the MINI’s engine and transmission require a cooling system that keeps their temperature operating within parameters needed not to allow overheating. One of the most critical components playing a role in your car’s cooling system is the radiator.

The Role of a Radiator

Coolant and water enter and exit the radiator in a circuit designed to send cool water to your engine and transmission to absorb heat and bring it back to the radiator. Air from outside your car and a cooling fan mounted near the radiator cools the hot water before sending back to the engine and transmission.

If not working correctly, or damaged, your radiator will not properly cool the hot water entering the radiator and eventually cause your engine or transmission to overheat. Overheating in an engine or transmission can be detrimental to the health of your vehicle.

Radiator Issues with Broken Front Support

The radiator is attached to your MINI’s frame with supports and hooked to your engine on the backside with hoses that allow for the circulation of the hot and cool water. When a failure of the front support occurs, your radiator will be allowed to move and sag away from the car’s frame. Once your radiator is allowed to move, it is a cause for concern as the following may happen.

Free to move within the engine compartment, your radiator will rock forward and backward each time you accelerate or press on the brakes. Even if the radiator hoses are tightly connected, they may work themselves loose and release from the radiator or motor side, spilling your engine’s coolant and water outside the car.

A loose radiator allows for a bounce with every road bump your MINI encounters. Allowing it to strike against the frame, it can cause irreplaceable damage to the radiator itself. Once this happens, you will not only have to pay for a broken mounting support but for a new radiator as well.

Your radiator is designed and mounted at the most effective angle to capture air from the outside and air from your cooling fan in the most efficient manner. If a broken radiator support occurs and your radiator shifts to a less efficient position, it may cause it not to cool as designed.

When the engine is not properly maintained with cool water and coolant, it could cause overheating in your engine and transmission. Even a modest angle change can affect the cooling rate and lead to engine and transmission damage.

Avoid Costly Repair

Now that you know the potential issues of a broken radiator front support on your MINI, let’s discuss how you can avoid this costly repair. Professional mechanics, especially those trained in the types of cars they service, are taught how to find potential issues by knowing what are common problems and making them part of their inspections to prevent further issues later.

Some think skipping regularly scheduled maintenance will save money. While in reality, waiting until a radiator support breaks before bringing it in for repair may result in damage that could have been caught during a planned service inspection.

See the Experts

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