Reasons Behind Audi Electrical Issues From Certified Mechanics in Oakland

Reasons Behind Audi Electrical Issues From Certified Mechanics in Oakland

Audi Power Window Motor Failure

All modern cars, including your Audi, are a network of electrical parts and systems. These complex components are needed to manage simple tasks, such as holding a spark, to highly-precise functions, such as measuring air flow or fuel consumption. In order to get the most out of your Audi, especially in areas such as performance and fuel economy, you need to make sure that these electrical components are kept in peak working order.

All manufacturers are synonymous with an issue or two. For MINI, it’s the clutch, for BMW, it’s rust, and for Audi, it is electrical problems. This means that all Audi drivers should keep on top of maintaining their electrical systems, because their vehicles may be at greater risk of experiencing problems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the electrical issues your Audi might face and why they occur.

Maintaining your Audi’s Electrical Components is Important

Your Audi represents some of the finest and most cutting-edge motoring innovations available in modern motoring. Each new electronic system is incorporated to improve your driving experience, safety, performance, and so on. Some systems, such as variable valve timing, are relatively new to the motoring world, while electronic parts, such as the alternator, spark plugs, and ignition coils have been a mainstay in motoring for decades. No matter whether they are simplistic or high-tech, the electronic components in your vehicle all have an essential job to do, and you’ll definitely notice the difference when they start to fail.

Reasons Behind Electrical Issues of Audi

Listed below are the most common forms of electrical issues your Audi might face and their root causes. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and drivers should always be attentive to any changes in the way their vehicle performs.

1. Display Problems

Audi’s can commonly develop issues with the LCD displays they use to inform the driver of a variety of factors about the car. Damage to any of the electrical connections or wiring utilized by the screen can result in a dead screen or the screen not lighting up correctly. You may find the LCD screen is dimly lit or won’t light up at all. It may fluctuate between working correctly and switching off. Many modern cars rely on a working LCD screen to keep the driver informed of on going changes and data, so resolving this issue quickly is strongly advised.

2. Power Window Motor Failure

We all remember how annoying the days of manual windows were, but we are now so used to power windows that we take them for granted. However, being suddenly stuck with a window that won’t open or won’t close is a stressful hazard that can put you at risk of weather changes and opportunistic crime. The motor that is used to raise or lower your windows can become worn out over time or can blow due to other electrical issues. This will result in the need for replacement and a full electrical systems inspection.

3. Bad Brake Lights

Brake lights that won’t illuminate is a common issue for Audi drivers and is typically the result of brake switch failure. This usually happens because there has been an electrical malfunction which has caused the connected systems to fail.

4. Liquid Damage

Your Audi features a center console. This is where a variety of functions within your Audi take place, like the Sat Nav, the radio, and more. The MMI unit controls the center console and is unfortunately very close to the cup holder of some Audi models. This means that a spilled drink can sometimes cause your MMI unit to suddenly go kaput. Therefore, when using your Audis cup holders, be mindful that lids of drinks are on tight and are secure within the holder.

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