Reasons for Erratic Shifting in the Automatic Transmission of Your Mercedes

Reasons for Erratic Shifting in the Automatic Transmission of Your Mercedes

Mercedes Gear Shifting Issue

Over the years, Mercedes has taken the spot as one of the most luxurious cars because of its sleek physical features and luxury interior, but Mercedes models have several parts that are susceptible to damage, wear, and tear. A typical example of those parts is the automatic transmission.

If the automatic transmission of your Mercedes is shifting erratically, you have compelling reasons to be worried. When the transmission breaks down totally, your car becomes inoperable. Hence, immediately you notice any signs of faulty automatic transmission, take your car to a Mercedes specialist for repairs.

When your car starts shifting erratically, it means that it is not transmitting sufficient engine power to the car’s wheels as expected. Therefore, if you don’t notice the signs and address the fault immediately, a cascade of other defects might occur. Let’s take a closer look at some signs of transmission problems and discuss where to take your Mercedes for the best car care in our area.

What are the causes of erratic shifting in your Mercedes?

Erratic shifting in the automatic transmission of your Mercedes might be a result of any of the reasons listed below:

  • Burnt or dirty transmission fluid: Debris in your transmission fluid can cause your transmission to shift erratically. In most cases, the dirt in the fluids clog the holes in the transmission filter and make it difficult for the transmission to switch Sometimes, simply changing the transmission fluid will solve the problem. Other times, it will require the skilled expertise of a professional mechanic to correct the fault.
  • Transmission fluid leak: The transmission fluid is an integral part of the automatic transmission of your Mercedes. A leak can drastically reduce the oil level in the transmission and cause it to shift erratically. If there is a leak in your car, it means you shouldn’t drive it because it endangers the lives of you and your passengers. Immediately you notice the leak, call the attention of a professional mechanic to seal the source. Driving with a leaking transmission fluid can also damage other internal components of your car. Hence, making you spend more than you should.
  • Damaged transmission bands: Transmission bands hold the gears in the automatic transmission together. The transmission will not shift when it becomes damaged due to wear and tear or extreme heat. Engine and gear problems will be the result. Adjust or replace the bands to solve the problem.
  • Worn out gears: Gears naturally wear out over time as they are used. When this happens, the transmission will shift erratically. Replacing the gear should solve the problem.

What are the signs to look for in faulty automatic transmission?

  • Dashboard Indicator: The light that indicates a fault in your automatic transmission is the check-engine light, but it can also be on for several other reasons. Typically, your engine light should come on immediately when you start your car and go off within three seconds. When there’s a lingering problem, the light doesn’t go off, which is a warning that you should check your vehicle.
  • Difficulty in shifting gears: Call a mechanic’s attention immediately if you notice any problem in changing gears. You know your car well, and any difference in its behavior should be addressed promptly to avoid further costs of resultant damages.
  • Weird noises: Your transmission may make strange sounds, such as a wheezing noise or whining. When you hear any usual sounds, it’s best to bring your car in for an inspection to avoid further problems.

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