The Leading Repair Shop in Oakland for Fixing Mercedes V12 Engine Problems

The Leading Repair Shop in Oakland for Fixing Mercedes V12 Engine Problems

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The V12 engine in a Mercedes has been known to develop several problems. The failure off your engine is sure to leave you stranded and in need of immediate repairs. Below we will discuss more of the warning signs of these problems in your Mercedes and what to do if you find yourself in need of repairs.

What is a V12 engine?

A V12 engine, also known as a twelve-cylinder piston engine, is composed of two sets of six cylinders formed in the shape of a V around the crankshaft. The earliest known use of this particular engine in an automobile was in 1913 in the United Kingdom.

This engine is mostly used in luxury cars and sports cars due to its unique sound, smooth operation, and of course its power. However, due to the pollution emissions, size, and sheer cost, it is becoming increasingly obsolete in many luxury vehicles.

Common Signs of Mercedes V12 Engine Failure

Listed below are the three most common signs to look for if you suspect your V12 engine is in need of repair:

  • Hydraulic Fluid: If you see a puddle underneath your vehicle that is yellow-amber in color, your vehicle is likely experiencing a hydraulic fluid leak. It is important to seek a professional opinion for the safety of the life of your engine.
  • Engine Overheating: An engine commonly overheats due to a problem within its cooling system. It may not allow heat to be properly released from the engine compartment for several reasons. You should not ignore when your engine begins to overheat, especially if it happens more than once, as this can lead to several serious problems.
  • Engine Misfire: When your engine misfires, you will likely feel shaking when the vehicle is running. The check-engine light may also appear. You should quickly have a certified repair shop assess the cause of the misfire to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Common Causes of Mercedes V12 Engine Failure

When you begin noticing problems in the performance and overall well-being of your vehicle, often you are only seeing a glimpse of the problems on the surface. There typically are more underlying issues your vehicle is experiencing that you are unable to see without proper diagnostic tools.

  • Hydraulic Fluid Leak: Hydraulic fluid is the energy-transfer medium in all hydraulic systems. Not only is it responsible for transferring energy, but it is also key in removing contamination, sealing, and lubrication. Hydraulic leaks are commonly caused by damage to the active body control system. The active body control system is a suspension system designed by Mercedes to assist in controlling and stabilizing the movements of the vehicle.
  • Overheating: To avoid further damage from your engine overheating, it is key to pull over and allow ample time for your engine to cool. Your best option when this happens is to call a towing company and have your vehicle taken to a repair shop for further diagnostic help.
  • Misfire: An engine misfire is caused by the lack of proper combustion of fuel and oxygen from inside one or more of the engine’s cylinders. You will suddenly feel strange vibrations from your vehicle, poor engine performance, or your engine may even stall. The most common cause of an engine misfire is old or faulty spark plugs. However, your trusted repair shop can further assist you in determining the exact cause of your engine misfire.

Germany’s Best, Inc. for your Mercedes Engine

Whatever the problem may be within Mercedes Spark Plug Checkyour Mercedes engine, the key to reducing further damage is to swiftly take your vehicle to your local trusted and licensed repair shop to have your problem diagnosed with the right tools.

At Germany’s Best, Inc., we specialize in luxury vehicle repairs. We are conveniently located in Oakland, CA. Not only do we serve our customers located in Oakland, we also welcome our valued clients of Berkeley, Emeryville, and Piedmont, CA.

At Germany’s Best, Inc., we treat your vehicle as if it were our own and will provide an accurate diagnosis and repair to get you back on the road quickly. We are readily available to help with all of your repair needs so give us a call today!

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